10 Best Places for Honeymoon


1 – The Maldives

Located 451 kilometers south of India, the Maldives are among the undisputed heavenly places for honeymoons. A romantic stroll along miles of beautiful beaches where you can swim in the warm waters in peace. You will discover a wealth aquatic extraordinary highlighted with nautical and aquatic activities. It’s not every day that one has the opportunity to swim in the Indian Ocean!



2 – Seychelles

This is one of the most popular with young couples in love destinations. Located off East Africa, couples seeking exotic, escape and heat will be seduced by this idyllic archipelago. Do not miss the visit of Praslin, to house the Garden of Eden and the charming island of La Digue where bicycles are the main mode of transport. From November to April, temperatures are between 25 and 30 degrees.



3 – Mauritius

Spend your days sunbathing on white sand beaches and end your day with a sunset. Fall asleep in the quiet with the sound of waves that flow gently on the shore. Mauritius is culturally rich. All religions are represented. Buddhist temples, Catholic or Hindu have to charm you.



4 – Bali

You never tell you enough Bali! Located on the island of Java in Indonesia, the magnificent scenery, these luxury hotels and unique culture make it a dream destination. If your half and you’re exoticism and spirituality lovers, this honeymoon in Bali is an opportunity to relax and to be closer than ever to the tropical nature.



5 – Guadeloupe

The Guadeloupe has many treasures such as historic museums and florals, white sandy beaches, clear sea, mountain and green valleys. Caribbean culture, based on African and Amerindian traditions, will charm you.It is known for its many coves and beaches of sight. An unforgettable program for a honeymoon in the Caribbean succeeded.



6 – Venice

When talking about romance, Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Famous for its canals and Doge’s Palace, this city is made for unforgettable romantic moments. Stroll hand in hand in the pedestrian streets, admire the architecture Overflowing stories gondola.



7 – New York

Although there are no beaches in New York, this city is full of wonders. Inspired by the music and movies you will stand around traditional sites such as Fifth Avenue, Central Park, the Guggenheim … wherever you are, you will have the slight feeling of déjà vu. Discover a rich western culture across the Atlantic, where everything is always greater.



8 – Thailand

You will love the friendly people and its rich cuisine, architecture and culture. Buddhist temples will impress you with their beauty. Discover oasis of greenery, the multiplied markets and vibrant colors.



9 – New Zealand

For honeymooners who want an adventure 360 ​​degree, New Zealand will take your breath away. Fly by helicopter over vast glaciers, swim in the hot springs, stroll on horseback … A unique and unforgettable experience to do with your half.



10 – Brazil

One of the top destinations of the moment remains primarily Brazil. Immerse yourself in the festive and warm atmosphere of the country. You will be charmed by the sunset over the Atlantic, candlelight dinners and excursions in the Amazon … Your honeymoon in Brazil promises to be as romantic as exotic! Combining comfort and adventure, thrills and sweetness of life, a honeymoon in Brazil will be primarily an opportunity to discover all the wealth of the country.