10 Most Beautiful Places in USA

1. Washington DC

Washington Dc (1)

Washington, D.C. is the capital and seat of government of the United States. D.C. The abbreviation stands for the Federal District District of Columbia, the city completely fills and with which it is geographically identical today.

2. Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is a canyon of the United States located in the northwestern Arizona. It was carved by the Colorado River in the plateau of the same name. Founded in 1919, the park covers a protected 4927 km2N 1 territory. It is visited annually by more than four million visitors. Natural and landscape diversity of the region has been recognized World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1979.

3. Kauai, Hawaii

kauai island (1)

Kauai is the oldest of the main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago and the fourth by the area, with 1,446 km2. Its coastline is 177 kilometers long. It is also known as the Garden Isle.

4. Zion & Bryce National Park

Bryce Point.1024jpg

The Zion National Park is located in southwestern Utah on the border with Arizona. It has an area of 579 km ² and lies between 1128 m and 2660 m altitude (Horse Ranch Mountain). In 1909 the area of the canyon was appointed Mukuntuweap National Monument since 1919, it has the status of a national park. The park was expanded in 1937 to the Kolob Canyon.

    5. Yellowstone NP


The Yellowstone National Park is a national park in the United States and was established on 1 Established in March 1872. He is the oldest national park in the world. The park’s name is taken from the Yellowstone River, the main river in the park. The park is known for its geothermal sources such as geysers and mud pots, and for its wildlife such as bison, grizzly bears and wolves. It is the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. In 1978 the UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.

6. Page



7. Sedona

Sunset on Cathedral Rock near Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona is an American city in the Verde Valley in northern Arizona in the Coconino and Yavapai County.

8. Monument Valley


Monument Valley is a level on the Colorado Plateau on the southern border of the U.S. state of Utah to Arizona. It is within the Navajo Nation Reservation near the town of Mexican Hat, Utah, is managed by the Navajo and is therefore not a state conservation area as the nearby Navajo National Monument. It is known for its mesas and already served often as a backdrop for filming.

9. Las Vegas


Las Vegas is the largest city in the U.S. state of Nevada. She is best known for its large number of casinos. It has a population of 340 square miles is 558,000 (2008), the agglomeration is spread over more than 1,200 square kilometers and has a total of almost two million inhabitants. Las Vegas is the county seat of Clark County. The name comes from Spanish and means “the meadows” or “The Meadows”.

10. US Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands are an archipelago located in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico. It consists of the three main islands of Saint Croix, Saint John and Saint Thomas. Only in 1996 was added Water Iceland, but there are still numerous smaller islands. The islands are an unincorporated area outside of the United States.