10 Places Looks Like Something Out of Fairy Tales

1. Venice St. Mark’s Square


2. Amsterdam fiets, multicultural, and channels

Estimated 881,000 cyclists cross the Dutch capital regularly. 58 percent of the population move every day her bike or her fiets”, as the Dutch call it. Century come. 178 nations live in the metropolis with 75 museums including three world-class. 32 markets are held regularly and 9000 concerts and theater performances take place every year. And then there are 165 channels and 2500 houseboats – which ensure that certain Amsterdam flair.


3. Dubrovnik Adriatic Sea, Fortress and white tiles


4. Prague towers, crooked streets and Charles Bridge



5.  St. Petersburg – Hermitage, Amber Room and Peter the Great

It is the second largest city in Russia and has 2,300 palaces, magnificent buildings and palaces. In 1703 it was founded by Peter the Great on marshy ground Venice of the North” it is therefore also often called. The town is renowned for art lovers for one of the largest and most important art Musseen the world and for the replica of the legendary Amber Room in the Catherine Palace. With over 60 exhibits in 350 theaters to visit The Hermitage, is not only enjoyment, but for every Short travelers a challenge.



6. Paris Love, Light and Car-free Zones

It is the city of love, of light and more recently the French capital is also the car-free zone. But not because of the traffic ban in March 2014 due to increased PM levels. No on the left bank of the Seine it runs the new boulevard of Paris. Mayor Bertrand Delanoë is thanks. He banished the long lines of cars between the Pont de l’Alma and the Musée d’Orsay and even had heaped up sand. At 2.5 kilometers rage here now children on climbing frames and four-legged turn relaxed with Madame or Monsieur their walkies rounds.


7. Vienna Horse-drawn carriage, Horse carriage and musician

She has achieved the first place. It is again the number one of the cities with the best quality of life and for the sixth time in a row. When Einspänner, the hot espresso with cold whipped cream, can you drift in the café and pass the time. If you have finally taken away, it goes best with the horse-drawn carriage, horse-drawn carriage through the Austrian capital. Or take the tram along the ring road. Takes you past the State Opera, Hofburg, Parliament, City Hall, and Burgtheater. St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Prater may be missing as little as the Schönbrunn Palace. Then there are 150 museums and the multicultural fruit and vegetable market Naschmarkt. There is so much to see.


8. Lisbon – Kacheln, Tram and cupcakes


 Riga Medusa heads, grimaces and Capital of Culture 2014

Head back! It is said iela in the street Alberta Street and the nearby ElizaBetes. Here they are close to tight the Art Nouveau with its smooth forms on the facades. Medusa heads, mouths, demonic grimaces facade jewelry in which everyone loses visitors. About 800 buildings have been preserved from this period.
10. Rome St. Peter’s Basilica, Trevi Fountain, and as beautiful as in the film
This eternal city on the river Tiber, with its Basilica and the Vatican City and the most famous fountains in the world, the Trevi Fountain, served numerous times as a film set.