Singapore has an area of ​​647.8 km2. It consists of 64 islands, of which the main one is Pulau Ujong ( 584.8 km2). This island is densely urbanized, but a lush even in downtown Singapore earned the nickname Garden City . This abundance of greenery due in part to an equatorial climate , hot and stormy evenly throughout the year.

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City-state located on an island at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula which it is separated by the Straits of Johor , Singapore is known around the world and often cited as a model for its extraordinary economic success. After independence in 1965, Singapore has become , with very few natural resources and major socio -economic problems ( race riots , mass unemployment, housing difficulties and access to water) , one of the countries more developed and more prosperous world, in terms of economy, education, health , transparency , security and planning . The sovereign city , is a small Chinese at the heart of the Malay world : the population is predominantly made ​​up of Chinese ( 76.8 %). This ethnic confrontation in part the troubles that have accelerated its withdrawal from Malaysia, 9 August 19654.


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In the 1980s, the country is one of the Four Asian Dragons, transition states and unbridled economic development. In 2011, Singapore is the third country in the world in terms of PPP per capita after Qatar and Luxembourg. Trade and finance between the Pacific and Europe hub , the city owes its growth to its unique maritime location at the eastern end of the Strait of Malacca: This is the market town on the border of the East, the second port the world (after Shanghai) in terms of exports and maritime traffic. Singapore’s population has a very high standard of living and the city-state is often called the ” Switzerland of Asia” . In 2009, and Singapore had the highest concentration of millionaires based on the total population ahead of Hong Kong, Switzerland, Qatar and Kuwait. With remarkable political stability , Singapore is now considered an authoritarian democracy, with the same family in power since independence. The city-state is regarded as a country practicing economic liberalism without political liberalism.

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The center is located south of the island, at the mouth of the Singapore River (Singapore River) . It features a business center that has made ​​the city the fourth financial center in the world, as well as different ethnic neighborhoods ( Chinese, Malay , and Indian ) and a large shopping area around Orchard Road.

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