35 incredible travel destinations you’ve probably never heard of

1.Stairway to Heaven, aka the Haiku Stairs offers you a unique view of Hawaii. The gateway to the radio antenna made by US soldiers during World War II is also located here.


2.Norway‘s Lofoten Islands are one of the most beautiful local centers. Hire a fishing hut, try to catch a cod, and enjoy the midnight sun and northern lights in the pebble beach.


3.300 kilometers away from the Brazil’s capital lies the small fishing village of Jericoacoara, where streets are lined with sand are on the each side of the city and electricity have come only 20 years ago. This small, coastal town of blowing wind attracts surfers from all around the world.


4.For those who can not stand a lot in the heart of the Capuchin cellar unattractive‘s grave the bones of 4,000 monks. Skeletons placed decoratively, Rome in the Church of Santa Maria della Concezione‘s is located just below.


5.Apostle Islands’ shores of the lake in the national park waiting to be discovered. sea caves that housed worth seeing frozen waterfalls and ice candelabra.


6.India Ranakpur in marble Jain temple, one of the most magnificent temple built in this style. It is not the same, none of it made sense in 1440, is so special marble columns.


7.New Zealand ‘s very colorful, natural volcanic park of Wai-O-Tapu, as if that was not from the world. a steam this area called Champagne pool floor and the side of having boiling water çamurlul as green, orange, it takes you to another world in the golden image.


8.Tunisia El Jem amphitheater, one of the few monuments that shows the elegance of the Roman Empire. In the 3rd century to be built with a capacity of 35,000 spectators, this exquisite ruins in Rome that shows strikingly similar to other examples.


9.Norway and Svalbard Islands is an archipelago in the Arctic, Frozen a movie with almost the same. This vast expanse of desert, sledge dogs, the polar bear suddenly appeared with a dazzling polar region.


10.Tibetan long, narrow, Pangong Lake which means the magical lake looks almost like a pine piece of barren mountains reflected in every photo. the waters of this lake, which is on the border of Tibet and India is so clear; You can see the bottom when you look from above.


11.If you are brave enough to think to go to Huashan Mountain, right next to a steep cliff, so the sound does not stop a ladder, a plank placed on the surface of the mountain path will not be important to you. This happens if you get to the top after a dangerous climb through the clouds China ‘s Shaanxi province can watch with pleasure.


12.Madain Salih entered the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Saudi Arabia was the first woman in space. Although there are more than 20 centuries ago, has been preserved in a good way, this structure has 111 monumental Nabataean tomb is written and designed by Civilization.


13.Tanzania is the largest city in Hobart, art activities and has the appeal of an old port city with nightlife Manzanu. historic houses right next to the harbor, hotels, cafes await you with a lively and attractive walkways.


14.Great Smoky Mountains National Park ‘s come together to mate in private firefly species during two weeks each summer. Thousands gather here to watch this natural light revel in the form of human fireflies.


15.More than 500 cubic meters of water per minute shedding Victoria Falls is a natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. On bungee jumping, ziplining and rafting can be done.


16.The nickname which Magical River Hinatu the river, taking the name of the boundaries can not be drawn from the source. with no apparent source of the river, clear, blue waters all over the world by people who attract you.


17.Italy built on one of the geographic hill village of Alberobello, mouth-watering cuisine in the village with Italy‘s doing the most polite people in the home. white limestone houses with cone-shaped roofs have gained worldwide fame condition.


18.Roman roads, rocky trails and mule tracks to find the 540 kilometers of the Lycian Way, Turkey’s is located on the south coast. Chimera Chimera with other names contained herein, no fuel without one of the most spectacular scenery of our country with burning flame stone.


19.Making western Poland mysterious forest skewed at an angle of 90 degrees to 400 hosts a growing pine trees. convoluted mystery behind the tree still has not been resolved today.


20.China’s Sichuan, which is a remote area, located in Jiuzhaigou Valley lies on an area of 180,000 acres. Tibetan villages, small waterfalls and colorful lakes, most known points of this immense valley where you can see the bottom when viewed from above.


21.Every year, the splendid flower that opens Hitachi Beach Park, flame red shrubs and one of Japan’s natural beauty with daffodils.


22.Kalash tribe living in Pakistan Rumbi Valley electricity, without telephone and newspapers continue to survive. Incredible harvest festival, fun dances, bonfires and it’s a great focus of attention of domestic and foreign tourists with mulberry wine.


23.Namibia and along 600 years in arid zone between South Africa Namaqualand, famous for its sudden appearance of the season each spring, orange and white daisies, a region that has one of the most surreal view of the world.


24.The world’s most dangerous path Caminito del Rey, was reopened to public after 15 years of restoration work. Many people after a fall resulting in death was closed to the public in 2000.


25.China also found Tianzi Mountain, literally wrapped around the stone towers with thick cloud ‘‘ Avatar ‘is creating an effect like in the movie.


26.Greece Balos Lagoon white sand beaches, turquoise waters and in rare that host large species with Princess Diana ‘s has even hosted a magical environment.


27.Huacachina resort is actually a desert oasis in Peru. Small, this settlement was established around a natural lake, especially around the sand dunes in the sandboarding’ very popular for tourists who want to make.


28.Colombia‘s hilly countryside of Las Lajas Church in the Virgin between the years 1916-1944 was built in tribute. They place the plaque on the cliffs surrounding the church to wish visitors miracles.


29.Turkmenistan Hell Gate illuminated decades, a crater formed in 1971 by geologists who accidentally gas drilling. Geologists hell they think he is since a few days of the door, still today continues to burn day and night.


30.When viewed from the sky like tiny South Pacific Ocean appears to Rangiroa pearls on 240 small islands, the world’s largest, it is the second atoll.


31.The fountain that looks like a large salt water is wells are fed from the Pacific Ocean, the water inside the dalgar dollars going to come and empty again.


32.Saint Pierre et Miquelon island coast in Canada is in North America for the last remaining spot in the French control. this colorful island is an excellent way to socialize residents of Canada and France speak French culture.


33.History dating back to the 17th century salt mine in Salina Tour 90 s of uğruyor.ayrı the influx of tourists in the years since the cave is possible to see a carousel and an amphitheater.


34.Canadian province of New Brunswick from a single vehicle to stop by the local community where the Magnetic Hill‘s put in front of you, your vehicle will move by itself. In reality, it’s just an optical illusion; but that does not mean that you can trick your friends having fun.


35.Forget the like and explore çıkın.b national park in Tanzania Selous National Park wildlife park is less crowded than other elephants, buffalo, hippos, crocodiles, have more satisfying intimate like a lion. Approximately Denmark’s is twice the size Selaus still largely unexplored, the park opened to visitors only have 2%.