Abul Manucehr Mosque, Turkey, Kars

Menüçehr the mosque is a mosque in the ruins of ancient Armenian capital of Ani, Turkey.
The Menüçehr mosque named after its alleged founder, Menüçehr, Shaddadids first member of the dynasty that ruled Ani after 1072. The minaret is the oldest part; the prayer hall dates from a later period (twelfth or thirteenth centuries).

In 1906, the mosque was partially repaired to house a museum with objects found during the excavations of Nikolai Marr.

Ebul Manucehr Camii Resimleri 1
The mosque occupies a prime location in the south-west of the site of Ani, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Armenia around 1000. The site is located in the far east of Turkey, on the province of Kars, contacting the border with Armenia; the mosque is located only 130 m north of the border. On the site, the Ani Cathedral is 270 m northeast, St. Gregory church Abougraments 250 m northwest and citadel of Ani 400m southwest.

The minaret of the mosque is intact. It carries the Arabic word Basmala kufi calligraphy on its north face. The prayer hall is collapsed half.