Aogashima , Japan

This is certainly one of the most unusual places on the planet. Huge volcanic crater emerged from the waters, Aogashima Island, which covers 6 square kilometers, is home to 200 residents who live in the crater …!

In the midst of this natural setting lies a second crater, smaller, but the two volcanoes are active!


Consists of a giant water crater arose, the “Aogashima” island is a mysterious country, unique on the planet. High cliffs, culminating rises to 432 meters above the sea surrounding this island green blue heart-shaped box.

In the midst of this natural setting lies a second crater, smaller, named Maruyama. On one flank of Maruyama, the land is bright; no plant resistance because of the steam escaping from the small crater.


Completely isolated, Aogashima is reachable only by boat, even if no port in any form whatsoever, is this because of the steep cliffs of the volcano.

For heat, people are using geothermal energy of the volcano. With the same energy, they are even able to cook their food very simply, the bulk of them provided by the island itself (fish, vegetables, etc.).


Another resource of the island, which also uses this energy and hingya salt, high-quality salt used in some Japanese cuisines. It is produced in a small factory in the margins of the inner crater of the island using sea water Kuroshio, rich in minerals and calcium, and by making the crystallized slowly over several weeks through vapors the volcano.

Despite its distance from almost everything, Aogashima is still regularly visited by tourists who come for a little serenity and bathe in the hot springs of the island, and admire the tropical landscapes, especially exotic night or to its fauna and abundant flora.


Listed as an active volcano “Class C” by the Japan Meteorological Agency, the island “Aogashima” lived its last eruption in the late 18th century. This eruption, which lasted 4 years between 1781 and 1785, killed 140 people, more than half of the population of the island, the others having had time to escape.

Following this disaster, the island “Aogashima” remained deserted for 50 years. Then, gradually, the population has returned to settle in this fascinating place. They were 205 in 2009 and only 165 in April 2010. The school has 25 students. The island “Aogashima” is considered the least populated town in Japan.


On the island, there is a post office, two restaurants and bars, a geothermal sauna in the center, a harbor, a heliport, a campground, a salt factory and … very few tourists!

Energy is produced with geothermal energy and the only way to reach the island is the boat subject to weather conditions and helicopter. The island produced a small amount deemed salt and distilled alcohol: shochu.

In this magical land, the songs speak departures, separations and … eternal returns.


It is Japanese volcanic island in the Philippine Sea, in the sub-prefecture of Hachijō is administered by Tokyo and located approximately 358 kilometers south of Tokyo and 64 kilometers south of Hachijō-jima. It is the southernmost island and most remote inhabited archipelago Izu.