Beautiful Red Jellyfish

Jellyfish have been a subject of fascination because of the way it moves, color, transparency, etc. Jelly fish are free swimming creatures found in the sea and in fresh water and come in a lot of vibrant colors. Red jellyfish also called as the Big Red is one of the recently discovered jelly fish and is found in the depths of 600- 1500 meters. They grow upto 2 – 3 feet in diameter and as opposed to tentacles found usually in jelly fish these big reds have flesh oral arms. It differs from the normally found jelly fish in a lot of ways and is also found in a habitat not frequented by normal jellies.

This red jellyfish is simply breathtaking. We tend to forget but jellyfish are 10 times more deadly than sharks, killing about a hundred people each year worldwide. Of course, only some jellyfish species are really dangerous and you probably unlikely to meet.

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