Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Bondi Beach is a famous beach suburb of Sydney, Australia. It is located seven kilometers east of the city center and is easily accessible by train and public transport. She is best known for its fine sand and rollers that allow them to surf. This is the closest to the city center, about a 20 minute drive beach. The famous Australian beach has been added to the Australian National Heritage List (Australian National Heritage List) in 2008.

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Important recreational activities developed on the beach, from the early nineteenth century. Club Rescue Bondi Beach was created in 1906 and Surf lifesaving, an organization of volunteer rescue competitions organized by rescue become increasingly popular.


In November, on the beach, young Australians practice skimboard. 71% of Australians reported feeling a sense of peace by the sea [ref. needed]. Colorful booths such as Brighton Beach were imported from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century to allow women to change discreetly. Until now, the regulation was mainly to fight against the “indecency” of bathers.


From October to November, the range between Coogee Beach and the Bondi is transformed into an art gallery for outdoor exposure Sculptures by the Sea.
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