Boseong tea fields, South Korea

Tourist plantation Daehan Dawon is Boseong , and specializes in native green tea mountain valleys south of Boseong. The Boseong Tea Plantation existed since the time of the Japanese colonization, and its long history has produced huge plantations to ancient traditions, as well as highly skilled workers. The most famous is that of planting Daehan Dawon .

The same road that leads to the plantation Daehan Dawon is beautiful, lined with green tea fields and groves of cedars. The road cedar Boseong, which are lined with tall trees of 20 meters, one of the most beautiful roads in Korea. Drive for 300 meters and you will encounter a market of local products . A little further, you will find a small pond on your right. Take a tour of this pond and you will reach an administrative building surrounded by cafes and restaurants. Behind these buildings is the tea plantation Daehan Dawon . The road cedar continues to your left once past the buildings. On the other side of the road in the middle of tea field are stairs leading to a large perched on a hill tree, where you can embrace the entire look of the plantation.

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