Bucegi Sphinx, Romania

The Sphinx is a human head shaped rock reminiscent, in some ways, the head of the Sphinx of Giza. The Sphinx is located north of Bucegi Mountains in the Carpathians. The nearest town is the site Buşteni, itself located 135 kilometers north of Bucharest. This natural sculpture is a local landmark and tourist attraction.
Two hypotheses could explain the origin of the Sphinx.

The first assumption is that the Sphinx is identical to Babele natural phenomenon, quite close. Placed on top of a mountain at about 2200 meters, the features were carved by the wind, rain, frost thawing.


Second assumption is that the Sphinx was the work of men, specifically Dacian either to represent one of their gods or to commemorate their successful war against the Roman army at the time of Domitian in 89 AD -C. It is quite possible that both assumptions are fair, if the sphinx is a natural formation used by the Dacians as a place of worship or memory.

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