Cathedral in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia or simply Cathedral Sainte-Eulalie, often called Seu in Catalan, is the cathedral of the Catholic Archdiocese of Barcelona.

The current cathedral, Gothic style, was built between the thirteenth and fifteenth century on the old Romanesque cathedral, itself built on a church dating from the Visigoth period at the same location as a previous early Christian basilica which some vestiges are still visible in the basement at the history Museum of Barcelona. The imposing facade is much more recent (nineteenth century). Santa Eulalia is Asset of Cultural Interest, as National Historical-Artistic Monument since 1929.

Sainte Eulalie, co-sponsor of the city, is a young Barcelonian virgin martyred in Roman times.

The body of Saint Eulalia is buried there, as well as those of St. Olegaire and St. Raymond of Penyafort.

Geese live inside the cathedral, they keep the cloister. They are 13 in number, age was martyred Saint Eulalia. There is also a fountain containing holy water.