Chillon Castle- Montreux, Switzerland

Chillon Castle is located on the shores of Lake Geneva in Montreux , Switzerland. Oblong, the castle is 110 meters long and 50 meters wide , the tower reaches a height of 25 meters. It is a major tourist attraction. Successively occupied by the House of Savoy and by the Bernese from 1536 until 1798 , it now belongs to the State of Vaud and is classified as a historical monument.


Chillon Castle is built on an oval limestone rock jutting out into Lake Geneva between Montreux and Villeneuve with a steep slope on one side and the other side of the lake and its abrupt background. The location is strategic: it closes the passage between the Swiss Riviera and the Rhone , which allows to quickly reach Italy. In addition, the place offers an excellent view of the Savoy coast opposite . A garrison was well commercially and militarily control the road to Italy and apply a toll .

The first buildings date back to around the tenth century although it is likely that there was already a military prime location before that date. Objects dating back to the Roman period were discovered during excavations in the nineteenth century and remains from the Bronze Age . From double wooden palisade , the Romans had fortified the site before a square tower is added in the tenth century . Sources of the thirteenth century the possession of the related site Chillon to the Bishop of Sion . A charter of 1150, when Count Humbert III gives Cistercian HautcrĂȘt free passage Chillon , demonstrates the dominance of the House of Savoy of Chillon. We learn that the owner of the castle is a Gaucher Blonay . But , this lord of Blonay is more a vassal of Count one of his officers. It is a stately Savoy domination within a feudal society and not an administrative rule.