Chocolate Hills, Bohol Province, Philippines

Chocolate Hills is an unusual geological formation located on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. This training consists of 1268 cone-shaped hills of similar size, spread over 50 square kilometers. It owes its name to its vegetation, which turns brown during the dry season.

Training underwater date there are about two million years and is due to the accumulation of successive layers of coral and shells. Thereafter, the plate tectonics did withdraw the sea and the training described here could emerge out of the water. From there, erosion due to rain and wind gave these forms of cones and balls What’s Chocolates Hills. Their heights vary from 30 meters to 50 meters.

The site was proposed by the Philippines for inscription on the World Heritage List.url chocolate-hills-nightchocolate-hills-philippines-unbelievable-info-8rx3lc8v Chocolate_Hills chocolatehills Chocolate_Hills_Bohol