Christ of the Abyss , San Fruttuoso, Italy

Christ of the Abyss is an imposing bronze sculpture, located at 17 m depth in the Bay of San Fruttuoso Camogli in Italy.

Desired by Duilio Marcante in memory of his friend Dario Gonzatti , it is the work of sculptor Guido Galletti and represents Christ who blesses open peace sign arm and looking towards the surface.

The bronze statue , which was created by the merger of medals and marine sports , parts of boats, bells and cannon, measuring 2.50 m and weighs 260 kg . It rests on a concrete base in the shape of a truncated pyramid which weighs 90 tonnes . Offered by the shipowner Costa, she was raised with the help of the Italian Navy August 22, 1954 .
Every year on the last Saturday of July , a ceremony is celebrated in the bay in memory of those who died at sea , and in honor of those who dedicate their lives to the sea Before the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of pose, the statue was brought to the surface to be restored. She has been treated against corrosion of metal inlays to clean algae and crustaceans that may cover it completely .

A copy of Christ is located in Key Largo , Florida, within the first marine park in the world , the State of John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park.Christ-of-the-Abyss