Colmar – Alsace, France

Colmar is one of a beautiful French city. Third largest city in the region after Strasbourg and Mulhouse by its population, urban area exceeds 115,000 inhabitants.
Colmar is an ancient city of the Decapolis league of ten free cities Alsatian then part of the Holy Roman Empire.
The situation of Colmar, in the center of the Alsatian vineyards and near the foothills of the Vosges, and its particular climate for growing grapes, earned him the nickname “the capital of Alsace wines.” In the Middle Ages, the Alsatian wine was already one of the most popular in Europe.
It has one of the most visited museum of France Fine Arts, which houses the Museum Unterlinden the Isenheim Altarpiece. Also in the cultural field, Colmar is the birthplace of the creator of the Statue of Liberty in New York, Auguste Bartholdi and Jean-Jacques Waltz, better known as Hansi.
Colmar has a court of appeal, although the capital of the region is Strasbourg. This feature is due to the elevation of the city as a judicial capital by the former sovereign of Alsace Council in 1698. The city also hosts the General Council even if the urban area of Mulhouse represents nearly 40% of the population of the department.

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