Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer County, South Dakota, United States

The Crazy Horse Memorial is a monument carved into the mountain after the draft Korczak Ziółkowski and located in the Black Hills in South Dakota in the United States , representing Crazy Horse, a Sioux warrior clan Oglala Lakota mounted on a horse and pointing at the horizon.
confidence Crazy horse memorial
The memorial consists of a monumental sculpture made on the mountain , the Indian Museum of North America ( North American Indian Museum ) and the Native American Cultural Center ( Indian Cultural Centre ) . The monument is in progress on Thunderhead Mountain, on ground considered sacred by some Native Americans, between Custer and Hill City , approximately 13 km from Mount Rushmore.
The final dimensions of the sculpture will be 195 m in length to 172 m in height. The head of Crazy Horse will measure 27 meters high , in comparison, the heads of the four presidents of the United States represented on Mount Rushmore are 18 m high.

The realization of the monument began in 1948 and it is still far from complete . Once finished , it will be the largest sculpture in the world. IMG_1854