Dallol (volcano), Ethiopia

Dallol is a crater located in the Danakil desert in north- eastern Ethiopia , about fifteen kilometers from the border with Eritrea. This volcanic site is located at the northern end of a saline lake, Lake Karoum , the salt is still operated by the Afars . It follows from the explosion of a large magma chamber of the Great Rift Valley over a wide saline area west of the Red Sea , and is – 136.8 meters below the level the sea, in the Danakil Depression . The temperature regularly reaches 45 degrees in the shade .


This vast desolate area is known for its strange geological formations acid hot springs , mountains of sulfur , pillars of salt, small gas geysers, pools of isolated cornices salt concretions and evaporites , sulfur , chloride acid magnesium, sodium and brine solidified . All on a white background , yellow , green and red ocher, due to the strong presence of sulfur, iron oxide , salt and other minerals.
The site, like the volcanoes surrounding this area ( Erta Ale volcano Kenya, etc. . ) Is the result of the separation of the Arabian plate and the African plate and the creation of the Red Sea rift .

Afar , Danakil means ” disintegrated ” or ” broken ” on course because of its hot springs acids.