Floating Hotel

It’s the holidays! Take a cruise on a floating tropical island. The English company Yacht Island Design offers a new concept of luxury yacht theme. Called “Tropical Island Paradise”, this concept of cruise ship offers luxurious owner’s browsing experience on a tropical island.

Yacht Island Design proposes, through the study of style, recreating aboard a private vessel, the environment of a tropical island paradise with its volcano and waterfall flowing into the lagoon pool making office.

The boat is 90 meters long and its maximum speed is 15 knots.

Floating Hotel


The ship’s stern opens to give access to a real private beach / leisure floating base with sunbeds, jet skis and small zodiac.

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The back deck hosts a landing strip for helicopters allowing VIP guests to spend a few days on the boat.

The main deck is a pool with a bar, cabanas and views of the artificial volcano that hides the chimney of the boat.

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