Gargano, Italy

The Gargano is a northern promontory in Apulia on the east coast of Italy. He is also known as the spur of the Italian boot . The area is about 2015 km ² and extends along the Adriatic Sea. In the administration of the province of Foggia Gargano is assigned , which is located in the Puglia region. Two freshwater lakes, Lago di Lesina and Varano Lake , are part of the very scenic area. The Gargano National Park , with the Foresta Umbra , offers visitors an interesting insight into the life of wild animals. The Gargano became famous lately by the monk Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo the specially a church was built . The place is now a place of pilgrimage , a pilgrimage to the large numbers of supporters of the Catholic Church who believe in miracles accomplished by him.

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