Gouffre Berger, France

The gulf Berger was discovered May 24, 1953 by Joseph Berger. From 1953 to 1963 he was considered the world’s deepest abyss , the abyss delightful title of Pierre -Saint- Martin which he resumed in 1964, after further exploration .

The gulf was discovered May 24, 1953 by Joseph Berger caver and his companions Louis Eymas , Geo Jouffray Matthew and Mark .

On 26 October of the same year, it is established, through the color of the waters of the abyss, that it is in correspondence with tanks Sassenage , located several kilometers to the east and more than a thousand feet below .


In 1955, an expedition down to the rating of -985 meters. (Georges Garby , spelunker , including the Berger , Vercors, August 1955 . Least a thousand First World ) . This awareness causes a demand charge of Burgundy Cultural (including Georges Garby is also board member ) association. This demand leads to the organization of a lecture tour consisted of slide illustrating the narrative explorations underway. These projections are in the departments 21, 25 , 52, 71 and 89, and occasionally during training caving clubs. In 1981 , the network of the Berger is almost discovered with multiple entries (well Marry Chasm Jean Black , Scialet Rhododendrons , Elves Chasm Chasm of Fromagère ) . 15 February of the same year , Fred Poggia reached a depth of 1,198 meters.

February 21, 2010, the ninth entry , The Milkmaid Mutant , is discovered by Cédric Lachat who explores with his club ” Yellow Ferrets Seyssins .”Following two expeditions in 2011 and 2012 - collection of photographs from the Gouffre Berger cave in the Vercors region of France.