Guangzhou Circle, Guangzhou, China

The Guangzhou Circle is a skyscraper in Guangzhou , also called Canton , South China. The building was designed by the Italian architect Joseph Di Pasquale of the Milanese architect AM Project.

The building was erected on the banks of one of the arms of the Zhu Jiang or Pearl River , and is located between the river and just off the S81 , the inner of the two ring roads around Canton. The 138 m high building with 33 floors and a 47 m wide circular hole in the center of the circles offers 85,000 m² of office spac.

The building in a suburb 40 minutes from the town center is locally derisively called the ” flashy rich people circle .” The official name of the building was awarded after a competition in which the public could participate , with a prize of 100,000 yuan.