Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River, Arizona, USA


Horseshoe Bend is the name of a meander of the Colorado River located 6 km south of the town of Page, Arizona and corresponding to an ancient plateau eroded.

The meander is a little downstream of Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.

A viewpoint located on U.S. Route 89 provides a good overview of the meander.Horseshoe_Bend_Colorado_River_Arizona_07-728x384 Horseshoe_Bend_Colorado_River_Arizona-728x484 Horseshoe_Bend_Colorado_River_Arizona_06-728x548 Horseshoe_Bend_Colorado_River_Arizona_08-728x358 Horseshoe_Bend_Colorado_River_Arizona_09-728x487 Horseshoe_Bend_Colorado_River_Arizona_05-728x546