Taktsang Monastery, Bahutan

Taktshang is the most famous Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan. It is hanging from a cliff at 3120 meters above sea level, about 700 meters above the Paro valley.
At 300 meters from the monastery, but at 800 meters above the bottom of the precipice, the “Lair of the Tiger” is a hermitage. A monk there isolated for three years. A lay brother brought her food every day at the door. They see themselves and never speak.

Taktsang Monsatery, Tiger Nest, Paro, Bhutan

Among the famous visitors have visited the monastery include Ngawang Namgyal in the seventeenth century and Milarepa. The name means “Tiger’s Nest”, the legend saying that Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) flew to the monastery on the back of a tiger. In 1968, during a retreat 10 days Taktshang where he invoked Padmasambhava in his wrathful form of Dorje Drolö and Karma Pakshi, Chogyam Trungpa wrote Sadhana of Mahamudra, and realized that for the development of an authentic spirituality in the West he was trying to expose the spiritual materialism and its pitfalls. interesting_places_taktsang_monastery_bhutan2

The monastery includes seven temples Taktshang all of which can be visited. On 19 April 1998 a fire broke out inside the main building and its monastic complex. Paintings, objects and statues are damaged. The fire seems to have been caused by a short circuit or, perhaps, by one of the butter lamps used for lighting, tapestries suspended. A monk died in the tragedy. The damage caused is estimated at 135 million Ngultrum. In 2005, the Government of Bhutan and the King of Bhutan Jigme Singye Wangchuck finance and supervise the restoration. Access to the monastery is done on foot or by donkey.

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