Ishak Pasha Palace, Turkey

Ishak Pasa Ishak Pasha or is a seventeenth-century palace located in Turkey, the same type of Topkapi and Edirne. Partially ruined and abandoned, it lies on the ancient Silk Road, thirty kilometers from the Iranian border in a semi-desert area of the province of Ağrı, and a few kilometers east of Doğubeyazıt city ​​near Mount Ararat.
Its architecture reflects the influences Armenian, Persian, Georgian, Seljuk and Ottoman.

He had a caravanserai for the merchants of passage and a total of 366 rooms including 24 reserved for the harem, and a central heating.133_3246cityscope(42)  İshakpaşa-Sarayı 41c8df6d70fa7d38a424b58027d6aaad