Kerala, a tropical paradise in India

Everyone knows North India, Rajasthan in particular. Its palaces, its history, its maharajas that reflect the image that we have of India, yet South India is very different.

In contrast to the north, south India, specifically the Kerala region summarizes wonderfully tropical India, among coconut trees and canals hued emerald and turquoise. These channels are called the backwaters. These backwaters are actually an incredible tangle of channels that extend into the interior.



It is at Kollam, 20 km north of Varkala, that is towards the south access to backwaters, in the vast network of canals and lakes, hundreds of residents perform daily back and forth between their homes and their places of business. Unlike other parts of India, in this part of the country, is a sign of peace and quiet.

Shipments of all kinds navigate the crystal clear turquoise waters, protected by the shade of palm trees. It is not uncommon for villagers fish shrimp directly into the water, the fishermen in the water up to his neck, catching fish with the toes on the vase before launching them in pots floating proximity.

A show that tourists can attend during the many cruises offered on the backwaters. Two companies to navigate boats in these waters, those of the Water Transport Department are managed by the state and are considered slower than those of Alleppey Tourism. Some trips can last from eight hours to two days depending on the chosen route. Boats built using planks and coconut fiber called kettuvallam or house boat are often symbols of Kerala but this area is full of many treasures.


Kerala beaches as beautiful as each other are very numerous, the most famous of them, Kovalam, is 16 km south of the city of Thiruvananthapuram. This equipped with many amenities beach is skirted by tourists came to be lulled by the tranquility of Kerala. Despite the tourist bustle, the hinterland remains authentic and equally peaceful than elsewhere in the region, it is probably this authenticity that appeals and which the reputation of South India.

To summarize Kerala has beautiful green landscapes, among palm trees, coconut trees and tranquility. Campaigns and backwaters attract more and more visitors each year through this lush landscape that perfectly defines the image we have of a tropical paradise!



Houseboat in Kerala

Houseboat in Kerala