Kjeragbolten, Norway

The cuneiform Kjeragbolten is a large boulder wedged in a crevice in the mountains of Kjerag in Norway. It is also called Kjerag Boulder or Bolt. Below the boulder, a thousand feet below, flows the Lysefjord.

The site is very popular with travelers from around the world – also appeared in a video by Matt Harding – is the destination of many base jumpers.

The Kjeragbolten can be reached in a few hours, starting from Stavanger and pointing towards Lysebotn that is the tip of the fjord. From there, a narrow road that climbs through a thousand meters in altitude thanks to 27 turns. Once at the top began a walk of about 10 km, which will lead to the famous boulder. Alternatively, a shortest route involves the ascent of three peaks, the last of which is the boulder, starting from an intermediate height.

Kjeragbolten Kjeragbolten_Norway