Lake Hillier, Australia

The Lake Hillier is a 600-meter-long pink lake on the island middleware Iceland, the largest island of the archipelago research in the state of Western Australia from Esperance. This world natural wonders told by the Australians phenomenon can only be viewed from the air, since this island for conservation reasons, as all the other 103 islands of this archipelago, not allowed to enter up to Woody Iceland.

Lake Hillier3

The Lake Hillier has no inflow and is bordered by a narrow strip of land from the ocean. The strip of land consists of a sand dune covered with vegetation. The lake was first discovered by the British explorer Matthew Flinders on his expedition in 1802, when he ascended on this island, a 185 meter high mountain to get an overview of the archipelago. He named the island after climbing Middle Isle, the mountain was named after him Flinders Peak. He assumed that Middle Isle is the center of the archipelago. He announced after the ascension, that he had discovered a pink lake on the island.

The reason for the unique color of the lake has been investigated and ultimately not released. However, it is believed that the nutrient concentration of various organic and inorganic substances and various bacteria and algae are the cause of this unique pink coloration in the lake. The color of the water is not changed even if it is removed and placed in a vessel.

Unique in Lake Hillier, he shows that the pink color permanently, while there are some other salt lakes, which show these rare water staining only under certain weather conditions and light conditions.

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