Like the snow and cold? How about spending the night in an ice hotel?

It is very hot right now! We thought that a bit of freshness would do you good! Good going joking aside, even withstand the winter as we show you what it can offer … beautiful and original!

This year was the  25th anniversary of Icehotel. This annual exhibition was held in Sweden in the city of Jukkasjärvi and is to bring together architects and designers to make hotel suites entirely ofice.

Each suite is unique e tl es Visitors can  spend the night! … If they are prepared. 😉

Then of course you have to come well covered, bundle up in ski clothes and thermal underwear because with an average temperature of -7 °, the night can quickly be difficult.

To help, beds (real ice blocks) are covered with a thick mattress and reindeer skins.

After all, in the summer, we sleep well on the beach, so why not on the snow in winter. 😉


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