Meteora, Greece

The monasteries of Meteora is a center of Orthodox monasticism, north of Greece, on the edge of the plain of Thessaly, near the town of Kalambaka, in Hestiotide in the Peneus valley.These are Orthodox Christian monasteries perched atop impressive gray rock masses, carved by erosion and known as “Meteora”.

The site is a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1988.

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The first documented hermitages are available in Metéora since the 11th century traditions even report a settlement before the 10th century. Over the years, these hermitages grew into an organized community together following the example of the Holy Mountain Athos and formed the monastery Doupiani. 

With the arrival of the Runaway Athanasios the Athonite monk in 1334, the rise of monasticism began in the region. Together with his spiritual mentor Gregorios and 14 other monks he founded in 1344 the monastery Metamorphosis, also known as Megálo METEORO. Athanasios turned on in force in Metéora rules of the monastery and was beatified after his death as Athanasios Meteorites. During the 14th century other monasteries were built and the facilities supported by pious regional rulers such as King Simeon financially and by granting privileges. Over the years it developed several monasteries and hermitages, whose founders have been handed down by name only in part.

Meteora_2_evlahos Meteora-Greece-Travelling Meteora, Greece