Mont St Michel, France

Mont-Saint-Michel is a commune with 43 ​​residents in the department of Manche in Basse-Normandie region, which was founded in 708. It is situated on the rocky island of Mont Saint-Michel in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel in the Wadden Sea of Normandy. The island is only about 55,000 square meters and is located about one kilometer from the coast. Nearby are the mouth of the Couesnon, the city of Avranches and the border with Brittany. The landscape is called Avranchin.

The non-construction 92 meters [1] high island is known for its built on her abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel. This Benedictine monastery dominates the small island and is an example of French Norman architecture) and for a fortified abbey. In the monastery lived and worked until the 1960s Benedictine monks since 2001, living there religious of the “Fraternité Monastique de Jérusalem”.

The Mont has become a major tourist attraction, he is visited by about 3.5 million people. In still low, but increasing extent it is again – visited by pilgrims, among other things, in connection with the Camino de Santiago – as in the Middle Ages. The mountain and its bay are since 1979 a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. He also is listed since 1998 as part of the World Heritage Camino de Santiago in France.
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