Mosque Cathedral of Córdoba, Andalusia, Spain

Cordoba cathedral, also known by its former name Great Mosque of Cordoba, is an ancient Roman temple which became church and mosque before becoming Cathedral. This is one of the major monuments of Islamic architecture, control of the Muslim presence in Spain of the eighth to the fifteenth century. She is known worldwide to be the most accomplished monument of the Umayyad Cordoba art. Converted into a church in the sixteenth century after the Reconquista and cathedral, it is now the principal church of the diocese of Cordoba in Spain.

Cathedral of Cordoba has been listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1984.6-great-cathedral-and-mosque-cordoba-spain 11299595-cordoba-spain-cityscape-with-the-great-mosque-currently-catholic-cathedral 14500586-interior-of-mosque-mezquita-cathedral-of-cordoba-spain 14563892-mezquita-cathedral-the-great-mosque-by-the-guadalquivir-river-in-cordoba-spain-andalusia-region