Mount Hua, China

The Huà Shān (Chinese 华山 / 华山) is one of the five sacred mountains in Shaanxi province, near the city Huayin circle of the People’s Republic of China. The mountain is famous for its steep, picturesque cliffs and the dangerous increase of the peaks. With several peaks up to 2100 m, which are connected by mountain paths, the Hua Shan a unique hiking opportunity (vertigo-free walking required) provides that has been used for centuries because of its natural beauty. Roads encountered monasteries, pagodas, temples, bridges and gates.

In ancient Chinese world view, which considered the Middle Kingdom as a square, the Hua-Shan Mountains embodies the western Eckberg.Hua Shan b967bcfb36d4b614d0e1d4ab5ca1f216_k img_2715 0000a3fd 3