Ocean Flower Villas, Maldives

An unusual cottage village lies under the clear blue sky in the heart of the Indian Ocean on the North Malé Atoll, Maldives.

The village resembles a flower that rises from the water like a mirage with 185 ideally located villas hence the name “Flower of the Ocean”.
You can go out on the porch and dive into the atoll to admire the underwater life of the coral reef.
“Flower of the Ocean” is just a 15-minute boat ride from the international airport and the capital of the Maldives, Malé.

House decoration is as minimalistic as it gets, the colors are bright and the rest is kept to a minimum.
The best decoration to be found is the view out from the window.
This doesn’t mean this settlement on water is cut off from civilization, there is Wi-Fi, sattelite TV and all modern appliances.
In addition, each platform has a small garden house.


Ocean Flower villas, the Maldives-5

Ocean Flower villas, the Maldives-4

Ocean Flower villas, the Maldives-3

Ocean Flower villas, the Maldives-

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Ocean Flower villas, the Maldives