Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland

Old Town in Edinburgh – the historic center of the Scottish capital, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the New Town in the classical style, and part of the West End, with Georgian buildings. The old town has preserved many medieval buildings and buildings of the Reformation.

The old town is stationed¬†between Edinburgh Castle and the former Holyrood Abbey. Royal Mile resembles a fish spine. The Royal Mile is one of the main attractions of Edinburgh, here are St Giles’ Cathedral, and The Hub, as well as a large number of small shops selling traditional Scottish whiskey, kilts and other souvenirs.

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Other attractions include the historical center of the University of Edinburgh, the Royal Museum of Scotland, the Scotch Whisky Experience, several churches and many historic buildings. Also in terms of the Old Town is the Grassmarket, famous for its many pubs.

Most of the buildings of the Old Town preserved from the time of construction and are typical examples of medieval architecture. The buildings are made of stone, they are typical of many high windows. Many of the buildings are covered with soot, with the remainder of the Middle Ages, when the house coal-fired and wood, so in the old town is dominated by gray color. Newer buildings are distinguished storeys – in the late Middle Ages, the city’s population has grown substantially, to accommodate citizens built higher at home. At the beginning of the XVIII century in the old town about 80 000 people, today – about 20,000.

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