The ancient history of the city is unknown; she made history in the third century BC

Loosestrife, Lieutenant Alexander the Great had hidden treasure in the fortress of the city; Philetairos, commander of the garrison of the city, the death of Lysimachus, rebels and seized the treasure to found the Kingdom of Pergamon (Kingdom of Attalids) that lasts 150 years (282-133 v av.J.-C .). The kingdom has had to suffer repeated attacks of Galatians (Gal) and Syrian Seleucids.

1138 turkey-2011-acropolis-pergamon-j-hellenistic-theatre-from-trajaneum

The last king of the city, Attalus III Philometor (138-133 BC) the Romans chose to heirs and successors and Pergamum became the capital of the Roman province of Asia.
Attacked by the Arabs in the 8th century; Seljuks were able to seize the city and its fortress in the 13th century … It’s Tamerlane (Timur Lang or Lord lame iron; 1336-1405) who, wanting to continue the conquests of Genghis Khan, he devastates the city during its destructive conquest of the Ottoman realm in 1402 ap.J.-C.

pergamon The Germans subsidize the excavations of Pergamon since the end of the nineteenth century. The majority of the reliefs of the altar of Zeus are exposed to the Berlin Museum in Germany. The altar of Zeus was built around 180-160 BC. AD during the reign of King Eumenes II); it is a monumental altar dedicated to Zeus to commemorate his victory over the Galatians at Magnesia.lespergamon_ban_02