Portofino, Italy

According to Pliny the Elder, Portofino was founded by the Romans and named Portus Delphini because of the large number of dolphins in the Gulf of Tigullio.

Portofino is a small town in the province of Genoa, located in Liguria. It is particularly known for its magnificent architecture: its small port, tall and colorful houses, narrow streets and canals also earned him the nickname “Little Venice”: an original pseudonym but it deserves, especially seen hidden treasures including its downtown abounds.

Weather: The weather, Portofino, is particularly conducive to tourism: the winters are mild and dry, and summers are warm, but not stifling.

Local cuisine: smoked and dried ham, roasted eggplant

Regional wines: Campo Ligure

To see: the Brown castle, St. Martin and St. George churches, the piazzetta of the center.

Where is Portofinp? Portofino is in Liguria, in the province of Genoa: this city is located just twenty kilometers from Genoa, and is accessible by a quarter of an hour by car. Portofino is only two hours drive from France.portofino Portofino_from_the_sea



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