Prague Astronomical Clock, Czech Republic

The Prague Astronomical Clock is a medieval astronomical clock located in Prague, capital of Czech Republic, in Prague’s Old Town. The clock is located on the south wall of the city hall. The monument has a strong tourist attraction: once ring the hours, hundreds of people flock to his feet to observe and photograph come alive.

Prague Astronomical Clock

It was built by Nicolas de Kadau in 1410, and rebuilt by the master Hanus Rose (January Ruze) 1490. Legend has it that we have blinded the clockmaker Hanus, to prevent duplicate his masterpiece elsewhere.


The Prague Astronomical Clock

The clock runs every hour until 21 hours: the Twelve Apostles march over dial up for reading time (this is a dial to 24 hours) and the position of the Moon and the Sun while the bottom dial shows the Saint of the day and the astrological signs. Prague was dependent of the University of Leuven and thus another clock like him a lot, but the controllers at the Cathedral of Saint-Omer.
This clock has been repaired several times since its inception in the fourteenth century, particularly in 1948 after being burned by the Germans as they fled in 1945. It was again repaired in 1994 and 2006

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