Purple Wisteria, Japan

The genus Wisteria is a woody climbing plant of the family Fabaceae. These species are called. Some of them are grown as ornamentals for their clusters of spring flowers and their thick foliage. Depending on the species and cultivars, the flowers are purple, blue or white. The length of inflorescences varies from 10 cm to one meter for Wisteria floribunda var. ‘Macrobotrys’. Some cultivars are fragrant and among them, there are cultivars such as ‘Rosea’ or ‘Jacko’. They are native to the United States, China and Japan. The seeds are poisonous. The best known species is the Wisteria sinensis, glycine in China, widely naturalized in Western Europe. There is also another common species: Wisteria floribunda or glycine Floramor.
Purple Wisteria, Japan Purple Wisteria in Japan Purple Wisteria