Ranakpur, Ranakpur, India

Ranakpur is a small city of Rajasthan located in the Aravalli Range chain of about sixty kilometers north of the city of Udaipur. It derives its name from Raja Rana Kumbha .

The site owes its fame to the group of temples , mostly Jains, and is one of five major pilgrimages Jainism .

The most important temple , one of Adinatha , is one of the finest and largest Jain constructions of India. He was raised by a wealthy merchant, Dharna Sah , who, following the vision of the completed temple in this place , approached the architect Depaka and asked the help of Rana Kumbha who granted him the land and the necessary assistance.

The construction took place in the mid-fifteenth century and led to a huge temple , consisting of 29 rooms , including 80 domes carried by 420 pillars. The building is supposed to have a total of 1,444 pillars all carved with a different decoration. The set is built in white marble with every inch engraved , carved , ornate . The temple is also called Chaumukha , which means four sides as the cella has a Tirthankara four faces looking to the four cardinal points.url 10609791 jian-temple-3 Worshippers_leaving_the_temple_in_Ranakpur