Rare Color Photos of Paris Taken 100 Years Ago

The site Messy Nessy Chic, relayed by PetaPixel says that in 1909, a wealthy French banker named Albert Kahn decided to create a photographic archive of the world using the new color photography process which had just appeared, autochrome brothers Light. He charged four photographers take their cameras in locations around the world. One of the cities they documented was Paris.

As of 1914, Photographers of Albert Kahn (Léon Gimpel, Stephane Passet, Georges Auguste Chevalier and Leon) have begun to document life in Paris using the photographic restitution process color avant-garde, whose technique was to sprinkle a glass plate with millions of microscopic particles (potato starch grains) dyed red (orange), green and blue (purple), set by the resin.

In addition to the large number of photos of Paris, about 72,000 autochrome were created around the world through the ambitious project of Albert Kahn. The autochrome lost his esteem photographers only a few decades after its introduction when Kodak and Agfa introduced their processes Kodachrome and Agfacolor-Neu respectively in 1935 and 1932. These photos were collected by the site in 1914 Paris.

Here is a beautiful color photos gallery that these photographers have made there over a century:

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