Safranbolu, Turkey

Safranbolu Houses, Turkey

Safranbolu is a town in Turkey. It is located about 220 kilometers north of Ankara and about 90 kilometers south of the coast of the Black Sea. Safranbolu is located about 8 kilometers north of the sub-prefecture of Karabük. Both municipalities are the same urban unit. The houses are built there in the Ottoman classical urban architecture, such as in Beypazarı, Göynuk, Tarakli, Odunpazari and other regions in Turkey. This explains its historical heritage tourism and justifies the inclusion of the historical city on the World Heritage List of UNESCO 17 December 19942. Safranbolu named saffron cultivation, still practiced today.

Important trading post, the city preserved in the shaded authenticity of its ancient streets, reflects the urban development under the Ottoman Empire.

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