Saksaywaman, Peru

Sacsayhuaman is an Inca fortress located two kilometers from the city of Cuzco in Peru. Originally built for defensive purposes , the fortress is located 3700 m above sea level. It has the shape of a puma head sacred animal in the Inca tradition .

This huge fortress was built at the initiative of the Inca Pachacutec and plans of the architect Huallpa Rimachi . The work was continued during the reign of Tupac Yupanqui, and can be completed in one of Huayna Capac . It is estimated that more than 20,000 men worked for 50 years in its construction.

It consists of three long parallel walls 600 m, arranged in a zigzag , which are made of monolithic blocks , (the largest measuring 9 m high, 5 m wide and 4 m thick , with a weight of about 350 tons ) fully assembled and embedded into each other . The technique used to transport and assemble such masses remains a mystery. You should know that these civilizations did not know the wheel ! Pregnant , measuring approximately 360 m long, are connected by stairs and trapezoidal doors.

In 1533 , the Spanish chronicler Pedro Sancho de la Hoz wrote about it:

“Across the country, you will not find walls as beautiful. They are composed of large stones so that no one can believe that they were brought there by humans … Neither the aqueduct of Segovia, or other structure made ​​by Hercules or the Romans can not be compared to it . ”

The fortress was filled with three towers which remains the foundation :

The round tower Muyomarca housed the Inca and his court during periods of meditation and fasting.

That of Paucamarca had a religious function and was dedicated to the worship of the Sun. The base floor is composed of a circle of stones a dozen meters in diameter and a star-shaped structure whose meaning is not clarified. According to legend , she was connected to the Temple of the Sun through a network of underground tunnels.

That of Sullamarca was reserved for the garrison and housed deposits of food, weapons and clothing.Sacsayhuaman-c01 sacs1 Inca_walls_at_Sacsayhuaman_near_Cuzco_Andes_Mts_Peru_copy sacsayhuaman-2.4