San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

Algarrobo is located south of Santiago, in the province of San Antonio.
Surrounded by palm trees and dominated by the ten buildings of the residential complex San Alfonso del Mar, pool covers a total area of 7.7 hectares, making it the largest pool in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.
It is reserved for residents of San Alfonso del Mar
Opened in December 2006, it is 1013 meters long, 35 meters deep at most, and contains 250 million liters of sea water (250,000 m3). This water is taken from the seabed, about three meters deep. It shall be renewed at 800 000 liters per day, filtered and purified.
The pool is separated from the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean by a sand 100 meters. Construction costs are estimated at nearly $ 2 billion and annual maintenance costs are estimated at nearly 4 million.4732012276_d902d02108_o S LARGEST SWIMMING POOL, San Alfonso del Mar, Chile.