Schloss Drachenburg, German, Rhine

78460647 schloss-drachenburg-traven-1 40523670Castle Dragon Castle is a castle-like property on the Drachenfels in King Winter, whose foundation stone was laid in 1882. It was built in record time from 1882 to 1884 in historicist style (especially Romanesque Revival ) as a representative residence for the stockbrokers , financial expert and later Baron Stephan von Sarter ( 1833-1902 ) , who never lived in the castle. After his death, the castle was subjected to multiple use Convert .

1986 Castle Dragon Castle was declared a national monument and placed under 1990 Nordrhein- Westfalen- Stiftung nature protection, cultural heritage and cultural care. From 1995 to 2010, it was restored in respect of the original state and expanded to a kind Gr├╝nderzeitmuseum with a focus on contemporary home decor. For the reconstruction of the entrance stairs won the restoration operations Bachmann & will and Bauh├╝tte Quedlinburg in 2011 the Peter Parler Award . The interiors and the wall paintings and stained glass historicist were reconstructed as far as possible in the original design . The Castle Park is an outstanding example of the genre of the founding members of the road of garden design between the Rhine and the Meuse and is involved in the European Garden Heritage Network .

The castle and the museum is housed on the history of nature conservation.