Seven Magic Mountains , USA

Near Las Vegas, an artist has set up a funny colored plant in the middle of desert huge stones are assembled to form the original structures.

While an artificial cave wood designed in England, on the other side of the Atlantic is a stone building that has been created and demonstrated a great interest for tourists. Ugo Rondinone, is a Swiss artist working in America, specifically in New York. To answer a common request of Nevada Museum of Art in Reno and the Art Production Fund, it has developed a project which by nature is far to go unnoticed in the landscape. Indeed, he collected large rocks on the ground, in order to paint them with color bombs, and assemble each balancing on the other.

The result appears in the form of several gigantic colorful totems, 7 artificial mountains in the middle of the desert, near Las Vegas (20 kilometers from the city). He named his work “Seven Magic Mountains”, which is translated into French the “7 magic mountain”. Depending on the angle of view, we perceive the structures in different ways: if one is in front, the rocks are aligned, whereas if it shifts, they seem to form a chaotic whole. There is all the subtlety of his art.

seven-magic-moutains-ciel-gris seven-magic-moutains-solitaire seven-magic-moutains-couleurs seven-magic-moutains-7-formes structures-pierres-desert-nevada seven-magic-moutains-projet seven-magic-moutains-peinture