Shimizu Mega City Pyramid, Japan

The pyramid of Shimizu is a megacity project proposed by Japanese architect Shimizu Shimizu Corporation.
This hollow pyramidal structure consists of 55 tubular pyramids each having the size of that of Cheops or Las Vegas. Its base rests on 36 pillars firmly embedded in the foundations of Tokyo Bay in Japan. The pyramid represents an area of ​​88 km2.
Shimizu’s Pyramid is divided into eight floors each 250 m high, reaching a total of over 2000 meters high, fourteen times the height of the pyramid of Cheops. The building could accommodate 750,000 people spread across dozens of buildings thirty storey suspended structure.
Still in the study phase, if it were to be built, the pyramid becomes the largest man-made structure ever built.

Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid

Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid 2