Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

The Shwedagon Pagoda or Shwedagon Pagoda is a remarkable stupa on the hill Singuttara in Rangoon , Burma . This Buddhist shrine is the first religious center of Burma because according to legend, it contains relics of four former Buddhas , including eight hair of Gautama Buddha .
According to legend, two merchants in the area of Yangon brothers , who traveled in a chariot on the roads of India learned a deva who had been their parent in a previous life , the advent of a new Buddha who had made awakening seven weeks ago. Gautama meditated under the tree Rajayatana for seven days when merchants came to him , bowed and offered him honey cakes . Before leaving, they asked eight of his hair to bring something to worship him. The Buddha agreed and when they had hair in their hands , they began to glow , illuminating the whole forest . The elements réjoussaient , the earth began to tremble and the oceans boil . The Buddha told them to build a zedi on Singuttara Hill , where the relics of three former Buddhas were already . The brothers then departed without turning his back to the Blessed .


Realizing that they had nothing worthy enough to carry the hair, nat Thagarmin offered them a box adorned with emeralds : brothers are entreposèrent hair during the trip. Upon their return, they gave it to the king Okkalapla with indications of Buddha. The hillside location was unknown , and the king offered large rewards which end up . While no one was there , the nats for a night of Thagarmin cleared the hill, which appeared so clearly in the eyes of tous5 . Okkalapla there was then built a stupa. When he opened the box containing the relic of the Buddha ‘s hair shone , the trees flourished and a shower of stones fell from the sky . They were encircle the pagoda.IMG_1392 - Version 2  usfsddsrl Shwedagon Pagode