Singing Ringing Tree, Lancashire, England


The Singing Ringing Tree is a musical or music-making sculpture in the landscape of the Pennines with a view of Burnley in Lancashire in England. The sculpture was on 14 December 2006 by the mayor of Burnley, Councillor Mohammad Najib, and the designer Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu revealed. It is an object of the Environment Art in which it comes to the relationship between the artwork and its surroundings in the first place.

The Singing Ringing Tree was constructed of tubes made ​​of galvanized steel, which cut and focus the energy of the continuously across the open waving wind, so that they produce slightly discordant and penetrating choral sounds on a range of several octaves based. The tubes remember so its kind of organ pipes. Some of the tubes are merely structural and aesthetic elements, while others were cut lengthwise so as to allow the sound. The harmonic and singing qualities of the tree sculpture were achieved in that you ordered the tubes according to their size and they agreed on the bottom by adding holes.