Swarovski Kristallwelten, Austria

The crystal is a material that lends itself to all the faeries: this is what proves the Swarovski home for over a century. The “Swarovski Crystal Worlds” in Wattens, is an exhibition in the form of dream world where magic crystal is staged in various ways and always full of fantasy.

Designed by André Heller multimedia artist, they consist of 14 spaces created by great artists and designers from around the world, such as Alexander McQueen, Tord Boontje or Brian Eno. The visitor can admire a fabulous winter landscape of thousands of crystals, delving into the world’s largest kaleidoscope, take the mysterious “alley ice” or enter the crystal dome, designed by André Heller, Brian Eno and Susanne Schmöger. Young and old will emerge all googly eyes!
1280px-Riese_sommer_by_Edgar_Moskopp gala dinner swarovski 2 AT_Innsbruck_Swarovski_Kristallwelten_Wattens_1 Swarovski-Kristallwelten-Austria-1